DISGUST – Sulphurous

“Ajo Bianco”, Broccoli, Green Grapes, Confit Egg Yolk Purée, Almonds, Garlic, Extra Virgin Olive Oil

DISGUST – Cheesy

Venere Nero Rice, Cracker, Dashi, Morbier

ANGER – Brine & Salt

Smoked Eel Royale, Beignets, Kalamata Olives, Coppa, Samphire

ANGER – Green & Grassy

Bucatini di Gragnano, Cuttlefish, Dill, Parsley, Coriander, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Chilli

SADNESS – Woodland

Rabbit Leg, Bellies and Confit Quail Terrine, Liver Paté, Endive, Carrot, Hazelnut Butter

SADNESS – Earthy

“Lambone” Ravioli, Smoked Aubergine Carpet, Celery, Tahini, Whey,
Cumin Spiced Garlic Chips, Veal Sweetbreads


FEAR – Marine

Fresh local caught Fish glazed in XO Sauce, Turnip, Green Apple and Caviar
Market Price

FEAR – Mustardy

Slow Cooked Chicken Breast, Thigh Terrine, Watercress, Asparagus and Summer Truffle

ANTICIPATION – Bramble & Hedge

Confit Belly of Local Pork, Baked Shank Bao Bun, Peaches, Blackberry, Sage and Juniper Ketchup

TRUST – Meaty

Beef Cheek Pithivier, Spinach and Mushrooms, Peas

TRUST – Fresh Fruity

Grilled Lamb Rump, Pickled Squash, Compressed Watermelon, Stracciatella and Butternut Squash Pesto

SURPRISE – Citrussy

Beetroot Cooked Three Ways – Falafel / Hummus / Salt Baked, Marinated and Foamed Tofu, Ruby Grapefruit, Puffed Amaranth (Vegan)


JOY – Floral Fruity

Coriander and White Chocolate Fudge, Rose Water Jelly and Cloud, Vanilla Ice Cream, Craquelin

JOY – Creamy Fruity

Melon and Toasted Rice Sablé, Compressed Melon, Toasted Rice Crème Chantilly, Coconut Granola, Melon Sorbet, Shortbread Biscuit


Parsnip Udon, Cinnamon Sponge, Basil Consomme, Blood Orange Sorbet

Selection of European Cheeses

Grape and Fig Chutney, Fennel Biscuit

Selection of Ice Creams and Sorbet (V)