Wild Mushroom Consomme’, Fermented King Oyster Sashimi

Mushroom Welsh Rarebit, Tarragon

Pearl Barley & Braised Local Snails

Puffed Barley, Zucchini & Spinach Purée, Garlic, Parmigiano Reggiano

Double Agnolotti (Smoked Burrata / Spring Onion)

Peppered Beef Fillet Tartare, Spring Onion ‘Sweet & Sour’, Peppercorn Biscuit

Cured Fish Cheeks “Waldorf Salad Tart”

Red Apples, Celery Salt Tart, Walnut Cashew Cream Cheese, Pickled Grapes
Charred Lettuce, Chive Oil

‘Calamaretti’ Pasta, Broccoli

Squid, Tuna Bottarga

Venison, Rabbit & Foie Gras Terrine

Savoy Cabbage, Bacon Dashi


Aromatic Spiced Swede, Kale Israeli Couscous, Swede & Turmeric Rosti

Tofu Béchamel

Grilled Irish Beef Bavette, Gherkin Ketchup

Braised Beef Cheek, Sourdough, Pickled Cucumbers, Soft Herbs, Brown Butter and Soy

Slow Poached Veal Sweetbreads

Lentil Casserole
Brain Tempura, XO Glazed BBQ Celeriac

Braised Local Cheeks

Golden Raisins, Apple, Rosemary, Pak Choy
Pickled Yellow Mustard Seeds, Roasted Sunflower, Oats, Puffed Wild Rice & Quinoa’

Fresh Locally Caught Wild Fish

Leek & Head Meat Boudin
‘Vichyssoise’ Potato Sauce, Caviar, Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Market Price

Pan-Roasted Saddle of Irish Lamb

“Kapunata” Smoked Aubergine Carpet, Yellow/Red Pepperade, Lilliput Caper Jus
€58 – serves 2


Coconut, Almond & Vanilla Parfait

Almond Praline, Pineapple Carpaccio Marinated in Lime & Jalapeño, Craquelin

Tonka Bean Crumpet, Caramelised White Chocolate & Butternut Squash Baked Cheesecake

Earl Gray Tea Jelly, Candied Seeds

Muscovado & Hazelnut Tart, Candied Lija Orange / Segments

Gianduia Ice Cream

Selection of French Cheeses

Grape and Fig Chutney, Fennel Biscuit

Selection of Ice Creams and Sorbet (V)